Visa to Russia

Every foreign citizen has to hold a valid visa when entering the Russian Federation. The visa has to be arranged prior to the visit. Obtaining a Russian visa is easier than you might expect. As we believe you have a relevant reason to visit Russia we will make the first step of handling the visa as easier for you as possible.

There are Russian visas for 30 days, business multiple entry visas for 3 months up to one year and others. We arrange preparation and check of all documents needed for obtaining the visa including a letter of invitation, filling in a visa application form, insurance and submitting the documents at the Consulate of the Russian Federation. We will take care of everything. You will only call us or submit your order online.   

The tourist visa is granted to citizens of the Czech Republic, citizens of other countries and stateless persons for a short-term stay in Russia for tourism purposes.  

Maximum length of stay based on the tourist visa is 30 days.

The business visa is granted to citizens of the Czech Republic, citizens of other countries and stateless persons entering the Russian Federation for business purposes (negotiation, seminars, conferences, meetings with business partners, doing business). It is granted based on a business letter of invitation issued by the Federal Migration Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation or on a basis of a written invitation by a Russian legal entity *.


Types of Visa


Tourist visa


Business visa


Documents Needed for Visa Application:

1. Passport valid at least for 6 more months after leaving the Russian Federation. The passport should have at least one empty double page, i.e. no stamps or records on it

2. Coloured photo with dimensions of 3.5x4.5 cm with a clear front image of the applicant´s face on a white background, no dark glasses and headgear (there is an exception for citizens whose photos with headgear appears in their passports as well)

3. Travel insurance valid for the validity period of the visa allowing you to stay in the Russian Federation territory unless stated otherwise by an agreement between the states (we can arrange this for you)

4. Copy of a passport double page (possible to be sent by email as a part of an online order).

NOTICE: If you are seriously interested in obtaining a Russian visa we ask you for providing us with all necessary documents in advance. It is highly important for the applicant to obtain the visa without any problems or delay. 



All documents necessary for the Russian visa application are delivered (by registered post, PPL, DHL, EMS courier, etc.) minimum of a day prior to its submission to the following address: 

Visa to Russia
Vlkova 532/8
130 00 Prague 3 - Zizkov

Way of Returning the Documents:

All documents delivered necessary for the Russian visa application are collected in person at the agency or are delivered by express post or a courier. 


Type of visa
Number of entries, duration of stay
Processing time, working days 1
Price 0 CZK
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