About Us


Our agency is stable and highly reliable. We have been working in this field for a very long time, which means we have been doing our job really well.  

Our partners and companies we cooperate with in the Czech Republic and CIS are highly reliable was well. We are proud of being able to cooperate with them.

We are experts in this field.

Everytime we keep updated with current changes and innovation in our field and we keep up with current trends and do our best.

We are fully aware of current worldwide situation and our policy is therefore very flexible.

We are always trying to keep favourable pricing and continually expand our services.

Thanks to our business relationships with the Consulate of the Russian Federation we enjoy being the marketleader in this field.

We perfectly know what we do and we try to work fair, effectively and fast. 


Our Approach to Customers:

our first objective is clear and easy communication with you

we have to make sure you are satisfied

we try to approach your requests in a complex way and make the visa application as easy as possible

we are interested in knowing you, who you are and what matters to you the most. We know how to make you ready for travelling to Russia in order for you to achieve your goal

we prefer honesty when working

our pricing policy is flexible

we want you to become our stable clients and will take pride in taking care of you. 


8 reasons to choose our agency:

- The lowest prices for the letters of invitation and visa service

- Everything can be solved on-line without personal presence

- Staff speaks 3 languages

- Additional free advices and recommendations for your planning trip

- Very convenient location of our office

- 3 types of payment for services and 3 ways of transferring documents

- Positive reviews from 99% of our customers

- Security (while ordering the voucher or visa and paying online your data is protected).